Autonomous Region

for Narcotics Anonymous

“The Autonomous Region for Narcotics Anonymous (ARNA) is a Regional Service Committee serving its members in a spirit of love and cooperation.”   
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Who is ARNA?

ARNA is a Region of Narcotics Anonymous Groups. ARNA is a non-administrative service committee created by the Groups and is directly responsible to those they serve. The ultimate authority of the direction of ARNA services is dictated by the Groups, as guided by the Twelve Traditions.

ARNA does not recognize the Twelve Concepts of Service, as such they do not apply to the services implemented by the created subcommittees. ARNA recognizes that Narcotics Anonymous literature is any literature created through an input and review process initiated by the Groups and approved through Group Conscience. Using literature, speakers, and announcements from other sources outside of Narcotics Anonymous, including other Fellowships, treatment centers, and independent authors is not considered Narcotics Anonymous literature and should not be endorsed, as such.

ARNA’s Outreach Team is made up of a trusted servants who care about the NA Fellowship and are committed to serve the will of the Groups. Our Regional committee service body is organized in such a way as to bring order to the business meetings and designating trusted servants to assigned responsibilities on a rotating basis, while relying solely on the direction of the Groups in all we do as administrators and servants of said committee; we do not govern. We may create special Ad-Hoc committees as tasks and projects become apparent and dissolve them when the task is completed. We hope to provide a reasonable alternative to those groups who wish to remain truly autonomous as it detailed in our Twelve Traditions.

Our Vision

Our vision of a Region allows for each individual group to exercise their autonomy as it is outlined in Tradition Four. No Group, service committee or board shall rule, censor, decide or dictate to any other Group. The ultimate authority for all services in ARNA will be guided by a loving God as expressed through Group Conscience.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ARNA is to serve the supporting members and Groups through non-administrative services, rendering the service boards and committees created in the Ninth Tradition directly responsible to those they serve. These service boards and committees have no power to rule, decide, censor or dictate to or for the Groups and exist solely to serve under the direction of the supporting members and Groups. The Twelve Traditions are the exclusive guiding principles in all our services and they remain non-negotiable. The ARNA Region consists of members and Groups committed to be in service to the addict who still suffers. Our Groups may create service boards and committees directly responsible to those they serve. Although these things are not NA, and therefore not ARNA, they do exist to serve us in matters that would otherwise divert our Groups from fulfilling our primary purpose.

We Love Narcotics Anonymous - Why A Petition?

Simply - we are challenging NAWS to show the State they are mis-managing the Trust as it was originally Intended!

How To Join ARNA

Your Group is a member of ARNA when decide to be. Even if your Home group meeting already supports NAWS, ASIS, USSC, or any other Narcotics Anonymous service organization, your participation is welcomed here at ARNA, regardless. Registering your Group provides the necessary meeting information for our Meeting Directory, as well as the contact information for your Group to remain fully informed and up to date with all communications and services of ARNA.

Simplicity is the Key


This website is a VISION of an Autonomous Region following the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous vs the 12 Concepts of NAWS.

Each member will have the opportunity to vote on accepting this website content, section by section. 

ARNA Region is guided by the Spiritual Principles of the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions.

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