Autonomous Region FOR Narcotics Anonymous

The Autonomous Region FOR Narcotics Anonymous is comprised of groups & individual members who have come together to support each other in carrying the message in their local communities, regardless of literature preferences, location or meeting formats.

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"This Is Our Fourth Draft of Our Home Page and Petition Page - We request each ARNA group and member to review and edit this content and provide your feedback to ARNA. These are Your pages."

Who is ARNA?

The Autonomous Region FOR Narcotics Anonymous (ARNA) is comprised of members and Groups from around the globe who have joined one another in a non- administrative service and information structure to better serve our Groups and members. ARNA trusted servants work together as a team, serving its members in a spirit of love and cooperation with any and all requests for services by the Groups that are in line with our twelve traditions.

Our members and Groups believe in the absolute right to group autonomy that is written in our 4th tradition. We believe that the 9th tradition ensures that our service committees only provide services that are beneficial for the groups and members that they serve. They are not NA. It should be noted here that the Twelve Concepts of Service in NA are considered an outside issue by ARNA members and Groups, thus rendering them of no use to us. The services that we choose to do as a region includes strict avoidance of any attempts to rule, censor, decide, or dictate to the Groups.

The Groups and members of ARNA also recognize our rights to utilize all Group and Fellowship approved Narcotics Anonymous recovery literature autonomously, as well as all other intellectual property, in our efforts to fulfill our primary purpose of carrying the message to the addicts who still suffer. ARNA supports all Group efforts in continuing to make Narcotics Anonymous recovery literature available for all Groups to use and distribute at no cost to the still suffering addict.

Our groups are not limited by geographical boundaries. We also support virtual groups either online or over the phone. We believe that our groups are the highest point of service in our fellowship and it is our goal that all of our services will be focused on helping our groups’ primary purpose.

How ARNA does Service

ARNA – The Autonomous Region FOR Narcotics Anonymous is a Region that is served by a Non-Administrative service and information structure, called the Autonomous Region Service Committee (ARSC). Our vision is the fulfillment of Tradition Four becoming a reality: “Each group should be autonomous except for matters affecting other groups or N.A. as a whole.” The purpose of the ARSC is presently being carried out in the spirit of Tradition Nine. Our services are directly responsible to those we serve. Why? Because ARNA is free from the guidance of the Twelve Concepts that make other organizational service boards and committees NOT responsible to those they serve. You cannot delegate a loving God as He may express Himself in our Groups’ consciences.

Many groups have joined our Region because they do not want an Administrative Structure to use the Twelve Concepts to Rule, Censor, Decide, Dictate, Govern, or Control them as NA non-autonomous groups. ARNA groups are free to study the Grey Book, 3rd Edition Revised Basic Text, or any other historical N.A. Literature in our meetings. Groups join ARNA because they believe Narcotics Anonymous addicts have the right to print recovery literature that was written freely by addicts for addicts and are within the guidelines of our 12 Traditions. We believe that our message should be given freely to still suffering addicts all over the World whenever possible.

ARSC team members serve and inform the groups in a Spirit of love by coordinating or cooperating in activities such as monthly Newsletters, Hot-line support, Jails and Institutional outreach, sharing group anniversaries, events, announcements, and helping groups buy or print their own literature, key tags, IP, etc. as needed.

ARNA believes in the newcomers, and our primary purpose to help addicts still suffering is critical for our survival. We believe that our NA literature is viral towards aiding recovering addicts in achieving an active change in our attitudes, ideas, and behavior. Our services include free Narcotics Anonymous Literature wherever there is none.

Originally the ARNA Region was formed to support a petition to put our fellowship intellectual property trust (FIPT) in a safe place. How do we define a safe place? A safe place would be a place that does not inappropriately carry the Narcotics Anonymous name, that does not abuse the integrity of our literature in support of the Drug Treatment Industry, instead of supporting the still suffering addicts.

Autonomous Region Service Office

So far you’ve heard about the Autonomous Region FOR Narcotics Anonymous, services, and volunteers. There is, however, another side to ARNA. The Legal Entity side of ARNA was created to fulfill and meet government laws, rules, regulations and legal specifications and requirements. This part of ARNA has been deemed a necessity in order to file a court legal petition, to obtain an EIN Tax identification number, collection of duty-free funds, and to initiate banking activities.

We Love Narcotics Anonymous - Why A Petition?

Simply - we are challenging NAWS to show the State they are mis-managing the Trust as it was originally Intended!

How To Join ARNA

Your Group is a member of ARNA when decide to be. Even if your Home group meeting already supports NAWS, ASIS, USSC, or any other Narcotics Anonymous service organization, your participation is welcomed here at ARNA, regardless. Registering your Group provides the necessary meeting information for our Meeting Directory, as well as the contact information for your Group to remain fully informed and up to date with all communications and services of ARNA.

Simplicity is the Key

This website is a VISION of an Autonomous Region following the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous vs the 12 Concepts of NAWS.

Each member will have the opportunity to vote on accepting this website content, section by section. 

ARNA Region is guided by the Spiritual Principles of the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions.

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